Social Responsibility Coaching

What is the SRC training ?

SRC is a unique and effective cross cultural coaching model developed by IICH. It is the culmination of many years’ experiences of working with NGOs and project managers in poor communities from Third World countries. The aim of SRC Training is to offer the trainees an effective methodology for working with social entrepreneurs and NGOs and to coach them to achieve sustainable success.


  • Project Managers
  • Qualified coaches
  • Foundation Leaders and managers
  • NGO leaders and managers
  • Human Resource managers and their staff


  At the end of the training, the trainees will be able :  

  • To understand the specifics of working with communities, social projects and social entrepreneurs
  • To master an effective methodology to lead social projects
  • To build bridges between the corporate world and the poor areas
  • To discover techniques that will challenge limiting beliefs
  • To empower social leaders and develop their resilience
  • To build teams and increase their motivation
  • To implement educational coaching
  • To know how to raise money for social projects

SRC responds to the highest standards of Coaching. Our methodology is progressive and both theoretical and practical. This is a new approach, for which the trainee will get a specific toolbox.

What makes us different

  • Highly qualified and mission-driven team of trainers
  • Empowering coaching sesssions
  • Social  project and Social Entrepreneurship expertise
  • Advanced Coaching techniques
  • Pioneering techniques to go beyond limiting beliefs
  • Anthropological analysis of organisational behaviour
  • Systemic Coaching


Phase 1 : The foundations
  • What are the specific needs for coaching in a poor community ?
  • The different levels of impact : Faith and belief systems
  • What is a social entrepreneur ?
  • The essence of a social entrepreneur
  • Coaching in the field : From understanding to sustainable success !
Phase 2 : Cross-cultural Coaching
  • Field analysis
  • The steps of power
  • Empowering limitless dreams
  • Defining objectives and indicators of success (SROI)
  • How to get commitment ?
  • Analyzing skills and assessing leadership potential
  • Culture and ego : reframing your world
  • Analyzing the core culture and reframing it
  • Changing mindsets : going beyond limiting beliefs
Phase 3 : Changing the way to communicate
  • Self Esteem and Leadership
  • Emotions as a fuel for change
  • The net of Solutions : systemic change
  • Identifying and challenging the ethos/ structure of the team
  • A new method of communication
Phase 4 : The steps to success
  • Building the steps to success
  • Measuring success : From the vision to  the SROI
  • How to raise money ?
  • Changing the outer world in practice : Symbols / Heroes / Values
  • Anchoring the victories
Phase 5 : SRC Methodology
  • Synthesis and toolbox

SRC is an 8 day program. The core objective is to allow project manager to get the coaching stance and techniques to empower their clients- beneficiaries. To get the certificate, the trainee will have to attend the entire course and coach at least one social project. The evaluation will be done as soon as the IICH team receives the 5 pages presentation of the project coached by the trainee. People who register for the SRC program are encouraged to participate in the Firewalk Instructor Training so as they can master the tools and advanced techniques to help their coachees to go beyond limiting beliefs and raise motivation.

If you are an NGO or a social entrepreneurship Hub, please contact us to build up a tailored program fitting your specific needs.