Firewalk Instructor Training

What is Firewalk Instructor Training (FIT) ?


The FIT is one of the most innovative training in the field of coaching, a high standard of quality established by Tolly Burkan and his team in 1986. Since then, 2 millions of people (including Tony Robbins) across 6 continents have been trained by certified FIT instructors.

Why choosing to become a Firewalk Instructor ?


Firewalking has an incredible power of transformation and becoming an instructor will be a stepping stone in your journey of personal development. By learning to work with fire and master it, you will learn to overcome your fears and achieve your goals in life. Participants have reported incredible changes in all areas of their life following the FIT training. The teachings of the fire and combined with the trainer’s expertise enable each of the participants to consciously use their energy and emotions as a new fuel to achieve the desired changes in their life. Firewalk is the most spectacular and innovative coaching tool and one of the only ones capable of transforming someone’s life for the better in just a few step. It will turn your workshops into unforgettable and unique events. The impossible becomes possible… The training includes a total of 4 different firewalks including the famous 12 meters firewalk. During the training, you will receive the instructor user-manual and upon completion of the training, the Firewalking Instructor certification. 

  • Experience an intensive process of personal development and self-realisation
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Strengthen self-confidence and personal beliefs
  • Develop emotional intelligence and intuition
  • Learn the technical processes around the firewalk
Theory based content
  • Emotional intelligence: “What fear tells you”
  • The tribal rituals of walking on fire and history of firewalking
  • How to prepare a firewall (indoors/outdoors)
  • The different types of firewalks and blaze
  • Theory: how to walk on “fire” ?
  • How to promote firewalking to the media ?
  • The belief systems
  • Coaching – psychology of change
Practical content

  • Arrow-snapping
  • Brick-breaking
  • Iron Bar bending
  • Glass-walking
  • Personal affirmations
  • Trance and dance
  • Active meditations
  • Firewalk 21
  • Firewalk Solo
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Sweat lodge
  • Fire dance
  • 12 meters firewalk
  • Firewalk instructor manual

Based on your specific needs, we also offer tailored training with firewalking. For more information, contact the IICH team.

Who is it for ?


Professionals working in the field of personal development but also individuals wishing to change career or challenge themselves to achieve their dreams. There is no re-requisite to the certification. An interview will be scheduled with one of our coaches at the time of application. Applicants will also be required to complete in a health questionnaire.

Learning style


Progressive pedagogy stimulates both the right and left side of the brain in order to consolidate the learning. The intensive training takes place over 4 days and in immersion. The objective is to enable participants to face their fears and redefine their life goals. Each participant pushes him/herself to the limits during the workshop and it is his/her responsibility to choose to accept this limit or go beyond. The workshop is facilitated in a safe environment with a team of expert in the field of therapy.

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