Who we are

The International Institute of Human Coaching

IICH, International Institute of Human Coaching, is supporting and developing human potential both individually and corporately in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

We specialise in cross-cultural work and social transformation which meets the highest of international coaching standards.

The principles underlying our work are :

These values govern our attitudes and behaviours in regards to approaching and implementing change. We are committed to delivering high quality innovative coaching and training that will achieve sustainable transformation for both individuals and organizations.

We are empowering people through values and a sense of purpose.

Our programs are tailor-made to help you achieve your organizational objectives. Our skilled workforce will work with you to maximize your potential as quickly and efficiently as possible by creatively participating with you to achieve your goals.

Our intention

Our mission is to inspire people to go beyond their limiting beliefs, to have the courage to step out their comfort zone and make a difference in their lives.

IICH supports people to unlock their true potential in order to live with more meaning and purpose. IICH is a small team of multi-skilled professionals with a breadth of experiences in both business and the wider human development field; including coaching, psychology, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Experiences which enrich the team’s ability to support people based on their specific development goals.

The IICH coaching approach places an important emphasis on enabling individuals and teams to discover their core values. To really explore how these values influence individual and group behaviors, both at work and in life.

IICH developed a solution called HOVTA® as a diagnosis tool for identifying values and talents. The HOVTA assessment allows individuals and corporates to identify their values and talents so has to better recruit, manage and coach talent, combining performance, well-being and a sense of purpose. The HOVTA is available for individuals, teams and organizations.

For over 10 years, IICH has been coaching hypergrowth companies, CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives and teams. What is common amongst all his clients is that they have “skin and soul in the game”. This means that they take risks along with the associated responsibilities. In their roles, they promote human values and harmony with the environment.

For more than 10 years, as part as our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Commitment, we empower social entrepreneurs and communities through coaching.

In France, our coaching school developed a partnership with Singa. As part of our commitment, our students are coaching Singa Entrepreneurs during their coaching training.

In Brazil, we lead a coaching program in the community of Rio Janeiro Favela da Misericordia.

In Nepal, we have been training and coaching for institutions and projects like Kathmandu Circus, Association for the protection of children – Amah Samuha’s project, FPMT and Kopan Monastery, Association Nepal, Utam Sanjel’s Bamboo Schools project, Shechen Monastery Nepal Social Business (Chaudhary Foundation) and FNCCI.

In Nepal We also developed a partnership with Career Disha Nepal to empower Nepali youngster through coaching and entrepreneurship

If you do speak French and want to learn more about these initiatives, please read the book “Recruter, manager et coacher par les valeurs et le sens” We speak about the coaching experience in the slums and in the buddhist monasteries.

For more information, please contact-us.