Social Entrepreneurship Coaching

What is the SEC process ?

Based on 5 years experience of working with poor communities in emerging countries, SEC is  a unique and effective cross cultural coaching model developed by IICH.  SEC combines  training and an intensive coaching experience. The aim of SEC is to promote social entrepreneurship in emerging countries as a catalyst for change.  


  • Mission-driven people who wants to develop a social business
  • People who want to find their life purpose
  • Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurs in emerging countries
  • Social or community leaders
  • NGO’s leaders and/or managers


  • To empower social entrepreneurs and community leaders
  • To develop self esteem, resilience and leadership skills
  • To strengthen management capability
  • To review your social business
  • To build your steps to success


Our methodology is progressive and both theorical and practical. SEC applies the highest standards of Coaching. The trainees will experience a profound process of training and coaching. Through this process, they will be able to develop both their personal qualities and skills to lead a social business. Highly qualified and mission-driven team of trainers,

The program can include :

  • Empowering coaching sesssions
  • Social Entrepreneurship expertise
  • Motivational techniques
  • Advanced Coaching techniques
  • Firewalking and pionnering techniques to go beyond limiting beliefs
  • Emotional intelligence and effective communication
  • Mindfullness and self awareness approach
  • Anthropology of organisation
  • Communitarian therapy and Systemic Coaching
  • NLP and Assertivenes


Phase 1 : Social entrepreneurship
  • What is a social entrepreneur ?
  • The essence of a social entrepreneur
  • Setting up the bases : strengthening self esteem and leadership skills
  • The fuel : Living with purpose and passion
Phase 2 : Being true to who you are
  • Developing self awarness
  • Your core values
  • Your motivational style
  • Identifying your strengths and mentors
  • Reviewing the past and building your vision
  • Identifying your limiting beliefs
  • Firewalking : going beyond limiting beliefs and change your world !
Phase 3 : Strengthening your higher self – People at the heart of your project
  • Improving communication style, skills and systems and team management
  • Mastering Resilience and building effective relationships
  • How to recruit and lead a team as a social entrepreneur ?
  • Core Motivation : How to get commitment from your team ?
Phase 4 : Leading a social business and changing the world
  • Building your  social entreprise model
  • Identifying the steps to success
  • Measuring success : From the vision to  the SROI
  • How to communicate ?
  • Leading with the medias
  • Anchoring the victories

SEC is a 8-10 day program depending on your starting point. To reach the required standard to receive the certificate, the social entrepreneur will have to attend the entire program and present his project.  

If you are an NGO or a social entrepreneurship Hub, please contact us to build up a tailored program fitting your specific needs.